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Wir laden Dich ein!


Luxury and creative Weekend Retreats hosted by Germans in australia.

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Our Story

Our purpose is to bring like-minded people together, to connect in our German language, to fuel our home roots / our home longing, to replenish our cultural hearts.




This three day Retreat will give you the unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life to reconnect with fellow Germans and to rekindle with your authentic self.

Our aim is to make you feel at home!



Our Team

We sourced the best native German Wellness Therapist and Movement Therapist, combined with creative and charming people to make the retreat a loving, caring and supporting place for you to relax and renew.

All things are optional and you can take as much free time as you want to.



Wir laden Dich ein

Zu einem Wochenende voller Entspannung und Kreativität.

Komm’ zur Ruhe und lass’ die Seele baumeln in einem gemütlichen, stilvollen Ambiente bei netter Gesellschaft und Vollverpflegung. Lerne Dich und andere kennen am Wochenende!


The loss of a language is far more than just the loss of words....

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