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Our Team

We sourced the best native German Wellness Therapists and Movement Therapists, combined with creative and charming people to make the retreat a loving, caring and supporting place for you to relax and renew.

All things are optional and you can take as much free time as you want to.





Marlies’ background is in business. She is a serial entrepreneur with successive roles as founder/manager of Fairyland (children’s parties and retail), BeadStudio (retail and courses) and M Jewellery (jewellery design and retail). Most recently she is co-founder of Seaforth Yoga and Pilates and serves as its creative spirit. 

Marlies conceived of ‘Wochenende’ to offer a forum for like-minded Austral-Germans to share time together and to explore their German heritage and the human condition in a safe, creative environment.




Wellness Therapist

Sonja learned Reiki, which opened her up spiritually, studied and delved into Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Systemic & Organisational Constellations, Somatic Healing, Voice Dialogue, Inner Child work, Intimacy Training, Psych-K, Equine Facilitated Therapy, Shamanism and Regression- as well as Past Life Therapy. Since 2001 she has followed her calling to be of service to people and their healing, always knowing that you, the client, hold all the answers inside of you. Love is what moved her to beautiful Australia in 2002 and love is what she teaches today. Her work is deeply intuitive and with her ability to be completely present to you, participants often get to the very core of the matter in just one session – with lasting healing effects. 

She has worked for many years and is currently offering her services at the Golden Door in Australia and sees clients weekly in Mosman, Sydney.




Yoga + Pilates

Dagmar is a German qualified Physiotherapist, an Australian qualified Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Therapist, a internationally certified Pilates Instructor, meditation facilitator and YogaKids Trainer (USA) with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Dagmar is passionate about combining the holistic approach of ancient Yoga with the biomedical science of today. Her therapeutic classes focus on back care and alignment.

She is also the founder of Seaforth Yoga & Pilates in Sydney.





Originally from Croatia, she spent the majority of her life in Germany and found her way to Sydney a little over 5 years ago. Here, her beautiful family grew and she is now a mother of two. Yoga has taught her many valuable lessons about self-care, acceptance, patience, reflection and much more but most importantly it has taught her how to sit in quiet acknowledgment and awareness with what ever arises in her life and consequently in her body and mind.

Her classes are divine and guide you to inner reflection and deep relaxation. 




Silver Spoon Chef

Friederike is someone who is passionate about making people feel they have been looked after. She spent many years working in the travel industry helping her customers choose the best holidays. This ability to listen to the customers needs and transfer them into the reality of the event has set her apart from others. For Friederike an event is a moment in time that needs to be special. Her creative mind likes explore how she can capture your feelings and transfer them into the atmosphere, making it all about you.



Other German friends we love

Here are some of local spots that remind us of home! If you find any that aren't on this list, send us your favourite German spots and contacts through the below button.

Brezel Bar - Manly

Brot & Wurst - Sydney

Hello Kiddo - Sydney

German Christmas Shop - Sydney

The German Hut - Sydney

Deutsch-Australische Industrie- und Handelskammer - Sydney & Melbourne